The Real Housewife of Beverly Hills explains her compulsively-clean home.

on Feb 21, 2013 - The Dish0

How does one explain a spotless kitchen and meticulously-catalogued fridge that would make Martha Stewart proud? “I was born organized!” crows Beverly Hills Real Housewife Yolanda Foster to US magazine. "I was born organized. There's just something in my brain ... I have a huge need to be organized," she continues. "For me, when there's no clutter, it gives me energy to create new things."

(Of course it doesn’t explain her pathological love of lemons...)



Sounding like any other harried Housewife, the Dutch-born ex-model talks about an ordinary day, getting up early, making breakfast for the kids, shuttling them off to school, getting dinner ready, after-school activities, fitting in some horseback riding. OK maybe she doesn’t sound like any other ordinary housewife. After all she lives in a mansion in Malibu with hubby David Foster, one of the most successful songwriters ever!

Yolanda, who has three children with ex-hubby Mohammed, (who we’ve seen on past seasons as a good pal of Lisa Vanderpump’s) and is step-mother to David’s five kids, does her own cooking even though she freely admits to not being a whiz in the (gleaming) kitchen. 

When she does cook, the 48-year-old lemon lover’s fav dish to make is a hearty spaghetti bolognese but apparently the Foster clan are a little tired of twirling noodles.

“My family gets sick of it because they have to eat it almost every Sunday!” she exclaimed. Well, there's always another cleanse.


I think you are the most positive influence in reality TV. And I have been a huge fan of David for years! As a musician from Berklee I would watch a show with just your family! Sometimes I fast forward to get to your parts of the show anyway. You and David should be an inspiration to people today. The world would be a better place if people learned even a little bit from you. Please have your own show like Martha! Much love!


 @PamChristmas I disagree with you.  I find the childish antics of pie filled drama displayed by the currents pot stirrers to have become like plain oatmeal.  Don't discount Yolanda.  I think, like Marissa, the kitty has claws, just hasn't  felt the need to show them yet.  

Nothing better than a kitten with a whip.  Team Yolanda.


 @MizzouTraveler  @PamChristmas I would love to watch Yolanda on something else, not just the Housewives thing. She's quite intriguing and has a lot of world knowledge. I also think she's strong and sets forward a good model for women of all ages. Being confident in oneself is a gift and developing that early on in life, is even better! Right living and right acting are definite ways to reach that goal!