The Internet Is Relentlessly Shaming an Airplane Passenger Who Thought *This* Gross-Out Move Was Actually OK


It doesn't take much to be a decent passenger on a plane, especially in an era when people really have seen it all up there, and few things remain shocking. Just following the golden rule is a good place to start. One man didn't get this basic memo (and was possibly raised by wolves), so he threw his food tray into the aisle when he was done with it and wanted it gone.

A photo of the aftermath following this revolting act has the Internet up in arms. Turns out if you act as horrible as this, there are places where you will be called to the carpet.

One is a Reddit thread called "Trashy," which generated thousands of comments questioning this person's whole existence. Another is a glorious Instagram account called @passengershaming.

Doesn't looking at this picture just do something to your blood pressure? (Asking for a friend.)

So far, no one has come forward to claim that they're the person who committed this heinous act... which should hardly surprise anyone.

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