The Late Guy Who Jumped Off Jetway, Ran Across Tarmac to Catch Flight Is All of Us

He blew through security, bags and all, determined to get on that plane.

You know that feeling when you’re late for your flight and denied boarding? It’s so maddening, because you’re so close — and you can see the plane, still on the ground, taunting you. Who among us hasn’t fantasized about pulling a Thelma & Louise-like stunt, blowing through security obstacles, and making a mad dash for that plane in a blaze of glory?

Well, most of us — because we’re sane and law abiding, and also don’t want to end up on Locked Up Abroad — wouldn’t dream of actually executing on that plan. But one guy in Spain recently did exactly that.

He was a Ryanair passenger who’d just missed boarding on time for his flight. But he was determined: He managed to skip security at Madrid-Barajas Airport, and jump down from the open jetway right onto the tarmac. From there, he sprinted across the tarmac to the plane. And made the flight. Still carrying two bags! This actually happened. 

We can’t say this guy is our hero in the age of terrorism when security must be of paramount concern — far from it. But we can definitely say we’ve experienced enough airport rage to have dreamed about such an act. He's basically us in stressful nightmares we have about airports.

Anyway, this dude actually made the flight, which was headed to the Canary Islands. But he was detained upon landing, according to CNN.

Fortunately for our amusement, a ground crew member caught the wild antics on video, and posted it on the CC.OO. Ryanair and Lesma Handling (Madrid Airport Workers Union) Facebook page. So we can all watch with popcorn and make mental notes not to actually ever pull a stunt like that ourselves — as much as we might want to — next time we encounter airport drama.

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