Put a Fresh Twist on Classic Cocktails with These Magical Recipes

You don't have to be a magician to craft these spellbinding cocktails.

What you drink can definitely make or break your night out on the town. And sure, you could go for your usual cocktail of choice, but in order to have a truly memorable time, why not opt for something with a dash of magic? 

Well, your wish is our command. Inspired by the new season of The Magicians, Syfy has concocted several charming cocktail recipes that are sure to jazz up any evening. You don't even have to be a magician to craft these cocktails. The above how-to videos include step-by-step instructions so you can easily whip up these drinks at home.

Want more drinkspiration? Find out how to make even more mouthwatering cocktails, courtesy of Tipsy by Bravo, below.

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