The Modern Day Trophy Wife is All About Goals, Not Gold

It's not just about bags and shoes anymore. It's about building your brand. 

Ever wonder what it takes to be a beautiful, enviable, well-coiffed jet setting woman of leisure? Running from one shopping spree at Bergdorf’s to a champagne lunch, to a celebrity charity red carpet, all while looking flawless?

Well, two leading psychiatrists have decided to decode the mystery of being a modern day “Trophy Wife,” but beware—it’s not as easy as it looks. The new arm-candy guard below are not just resting on their husband’s bank accounts.
But before you are prepared to get out your knives, this book empowers women to focus on self-care, healthy relationships, time management, and setting goals.
Dr. Dion Metzger and Dr. Ayo Gathing are two relationship savvy women who are experts in psychiatry, couples therapy, and family therapy. In their latest book The Modern Trophy Wife: How to Achieve Your Life Goals While Thriving at Home, they aim to help women find balance, happiness, and valuable relationships for their lives. 

“In the past, powerful men searched for the trophy wife to accompany their wealth and prosperity—and their wives’ intellect and interests were irrelevant. Thankfully our culture is seeing a shift in the ways women define domestic and professional success,” says Dr. Metzger. “We decided to share our medical expertise with our personal relationship histories to provide solid advice for wives and why our single ladies should not give up hope.” 

The book offers advice on overcoming fears, setting goals, time management, self-awareness, and sex. Some more observations and tips from the book:

What makes someone a modern trophy wife and how that differs from the traditional trophy wife most people are familiar with?  A traditional trophy wife is one who attaches herself to her husband in order to be prosperous or to gain status and generally does not have her own aspirations.  A modern trophy wife has her own ambitions and yearns to achieve her own goals whether or not her husband is successful. The modern trophy wife defies the stereotype that a woman cannot be a loving mate, a nurturing parent, and successful in her profession.

What are some of the challenges the modern trophy wife faces? One challenge that modern trophy wives in all walks of life face is the concept of balance. These women constantly seek to improve themselves as well as the world around them, so often feel pressured to live up to a variety of expectations. This sense of ambition, of purpose, can lead to emotional and physical strain if not managed appropriately. It is essential that a modern trophy wife practices self-care so she has the energy to handle her business and care for others.

What is your ideal example of a modern trophy wife? An ideal example of a modern trophy wife is the awe-inspiring Michelle Obama. Acting as the world’s most famous wife and mother, the First Lady has used her position to advocate for a number of causes, including health and nutrition. While maintaining an aura of class, she has single-handedly challenged America’s views of beauty, elegance, and strength. She is the epitome of a modern trophy wife as she embodies confidence and seeks to enrich the world around her.
Other examples from the doctors included actress Salma Hayek; Melinda Gates, Cofounder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Oprah Winfrey (a self-made billionaire and not even a wife but we still love seeing her on any list); and the woman who invented Spanx, Sara Blakely, who should really be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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