The Next 'American Crime Story' Will Focus On... Fashion!?

And no, it's not about a particularly bad collection.

Apparently, we as a nation are fascinated with gruesome tales. Not only did we obsessively watch live footage of the O.J. Simpson case—quick, where were you when the verdict was announced?—we watched it all again last winter. Raise your hand if The People Versus O.J. Simpson kept you glued to the couch.

Now, creator Ryan Murphy has leaked details about the third season of the hit show, which will film simultaneously with a second season that captures the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Still with us?

According to Deadline, that third season will focus on the grizly 1997 murder of Gianni Versace, who was shot on the steps of his Miami home. Details are still mum, but we hear the series will based on the book Vulgar Favors if you want to read ahead.

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