The Number One Excuse Men Give They Are When They Are Cheating Isn't "Working Late"

There's one excuse which will buy you a lot of time. If you're into cheating. 

Fore!…play with your mistress.

“Playing golf” has become the number one most popular excuse that cheating men tell their wives when they need an excuse to disappear and meet their mistress, says a study done by Illicit Encounters. 

Over a third of men asked, (34%) admitted they said they were about to swing some clubs when really they were using the time to hang with lady number two. 

Other popular excuses to look out for?

“Business meetings,” “working late,” “going to the bar with a male friend,” were all up there. 

But golf worked best because of the excruciatingly long hours it takes to play a full game. You can disappear for a full day without raising suspicion—just hope the weather isn’t predicting thunderstorms. 

IE’s spokesman Christian Grant, says that the golf excuse shouldn’t shock people

“Saying that you’re going for a round of golf ticks all the boxes,” he says. “Firstly, it covers you for several hours, especially if you’re playing 18 holes and not nine.” (Well he’s definitely playing more than one, that’s for sure.)

Christian says that you can also go on your “golf” outings consistently without raising red flags. (Just don’t forget your clubs.)

He also adds that wives begin to question how many business meetings you have and how many late nights you can possibly have without running the company. 

With golf, women often lack interest (not always, obviously, but in many cases) and tend to leave men to explore the sport on their own. 

With all that in mind, don’t forget—Tiger Woods was a pro golfer. He still got caught. 

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