The Olympic Torch Is On the Move, Giving Us Travel Envy on Twitter

An epic and athletic adventure, complete with a wanderlust-inspiring social media account — naturally.

On April 21, Athens put on a cultural performance to mimic the first Olympic games of 776 BC — with performers dressed in ancient Greek outfits, and actress Katerina Lehou lighting the torch for the Olympic games in Rio this year. Now that torch is on the move... and following its epic adventure is giving us serious wanderlust.  

Like any social media friend with an envy-inspiring travel life, the torch has its own personal Twitter account. Follow it until the end of the journey on August 5.
The dresses at the event came courtesy of Eleni Kyriacou, a student of Alexander McQueen. Of course, something as big as the Olympics must have a touch of luxury... Game of Thrones style. In the show, the High Priestess lit the torch at the Hera temple, complete with choreography. 
And with that, the countdown to the games was officially underway!

The majestic remains of an ancient Greek temple of Poseidon in Cape #Sounion #visitgreece #greece #culture

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The torch's journey started with a seven-day relay in Greece, where it was carried by the likes of a Greek gymnast and volleyball champion. 

So where does the torch hit in Greece? Some spots include Marathon, Zante, and the stunning green island Corfu, among other archaeological sites. So far, it's been carried by 450 people in Greece alone.

Stunning Canal d'amour beach in #Corfu #VisitGreece #Greece

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From Greece, onward to Geneva, Switzerland for a UN ceremony. There is a song that goes with this relay: A Vida do Viajante — or "Life of the Traveler," and we're all about that!
The Brazilian section of the journey just started this week. In all, 12,000 people are going to carry the torch through 300 towns over the next 95 days, all the way to the opening ceremony.

This relay has been around only 80 years — not since the ancient games as some might think. It was put in place during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin — when Hitler was in power of Germany.

These days the torch has been just about everywhere: London, Paris, China, California, and even the top of Mt. Everest. It has been carried by some of the world's most legendary athletes, like Muhammad Ali.

🏄🏽⚽️ local melhor não há! #praiana

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