Stephen Asprinio

Not sure what to pair on Thanksgiving? Find out!

on Nov 20, 2007

What to pair on Thanksgiving Day? The answer is not always a very clear one for the reason that the 21st century Thanksgiving meal is not the same one from years ago, which consisted of the same menu items, year after year. Today, households across America are taking the traditional Thanksgiving feast to the next level by incorporating ethnic influences, using different cooking methods, and substituting many of the commonly used ingredients with more exciting ones. That said, the best wines for this festive day are not necessarily “spot on” pairings, but wines that are versatile with numerous ingredients, as well as ones that add some sort of value to the overall holiday experience.

To simplify things, I have chosen my top 3 wine picks for Thanksgiving Day. These wines are regional styles of wine. A number of options exist in each category, and accessibility to these wines is not limited to only three wineries. I feel these three styles of wine are the most user-friendly, whether connoisseur or novice, and most importantly are fun to drink on Thanksgiving Day. The first style is the All-American wine, Red Zinfandel. I only drink Red Zinfandel once a year, which is on Thanksgiving Day. American Zinfandel is arguably the one wine that Americans can call their own. We are the only country to specialize in this grape, and we do it quite well.