Introducing the World's Most Expensive Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How can a restaurant get away with charging this much? Wait till you see what's inside.

When it comes to his grilled cheese sandwiches, New York City real estate super-agent Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing New York doesn't play. And we're not just talking fancy cheeses and handcrafted artisanal bread. We're talking bling. Yes, even on his grilled cheese.

On Fredrik's mini tour of some of his favorite NYC spots for sandwiches and breakfast, he takes us to the place that sells the record-breaking Quintessential Grilled Cheese. That would be... drumroll... NYC's Serendipity 3. And in case that's not enough, he follows it up with a glimpse at an out-of-control four-figure egg dish, and a sneak peek at one of Ibiza's most happening supper clubs, where the tasting menu costs $2100 per person. Not to worry though, Fredrik will pick up that check.

To find out just what's in that grilled cheese and how much it'll set you back, check out MDL’s Ka-Ching! And discover more of Fredrik's favorite finds in all 12 episodes of Ka-Ching! below.

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