So Much Olympic Sex Is Happening, There Are Distributors Armed With Condoms

Employees are walking around handing them out like lollipops. 

More useful than a lifeguard at an Olympic pool—the condom distributor. Yes, there are humans walking around at the Rio games handing out condoms to whoever needs them in a pinch. 

They have piles of the 450,000 condoms (42 per athlete according toThe Guardian) that are being provided in Olympic Village for some post-game sexy time

The total number is an Olympic record for condoms. The London games had just 150,000 condoms available. It’s not just an insane amount of sex officials are worried about—concerns about the Zika virus being sexually transmitted also contributed to upping the number in Rio. They are also more readily available, as evidenced by the distributors. In London, athletes had to go to the health clinic in Olympic Village and ask. 

In Rio, there are also bright green condom vending machines that say “Celebrate With a Condom.”

Basically, condoms are everywhere. 

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