These 7 Women Admit Why They Secretly Voted For Donald Trump

They explain why they kept it to themselves. 

The votes have been tallied and the next President of the United States of America has been elected. Though you might have opened your eyes Wednesday wondering if you were still dreaming, you weren’t. Many, many people filled in their ballot for Donald J. Trump. The reality TV star received 59,399,228 votes—42 percent of them, from women.

So if it wasn’t you, and you’re left wondering who it was, here are seven women who admit why they secretly cast their ballot in Trump’s favor

I don’t trust Hillary Clinton.

“In my opinion, voting for Hillary meant voting for a liar. Trump wasn’t a liar, he was honest. Sure, that honesty offended most people, but lies hurt more. I don’t want to have a president I can’t trust. I want to have a president who is transparent. I didn’t feel the need to share that reasoning with the world so I didn’t talk politics with anyone, I just voted secretly for who I thought would be president. I’m proud that Trump won.” – Wendy C., 32

All my friends would have disowned me.

“I was the only Trump supporter out of my friends, and I think even out of my 1,000 Facebook friends, or so it seemed. I once casually mentioned that I hoped Trump won and that I was rooting for him, and my friends nearly bite my head off. They were disgusted and angry with me and I had to say I was just kidding, but I wasn’t. Trump got my vote, even if that meant I had to lie to my friends about who I ended up voting for so that they wouldn’t kick me to the curb.” -Haley J., 27

I wanted to root for the underdog.

“The thing is, I seriously didn’t think Trump would win. I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for and all week I kept on changing my mind. Then when I was in the voting booth, I figured I’d vote for the underdog. I didn’t like either candidate so my options were to note vote or vote for the person I didn’t think would win anyway. I woke up this morning with knots in my stomach. I can’t believe he won and I can’t believe I helped make that happen.” – Alex B., 24

I believe he will change this country.

“Obama promised us all change and I believed him. He got my vote twice. He brought only bad change and I’m just over dealing with those repercussions. ObamaCare is the worst thing ever and I know that because I own my own business and I pay a ton for really bad insurance. I’m just over living in this changed for the worse country. I’m not verbal about any of this. I keep these thoughts and annoyances to myself. I really don’t think any of my friends would guess that I voted Trump.” – Cassie O., 34

I think the media makes him look worse.

“I don’t believe anything I watch on TV. I refused to watch any political attack ads. In my opinion, the media made Trump out to be way worse than he is. I think he’s a decent person but the media conspired against him. That’s why he got my vote in the end.” – Tia V., 22

I know he’ll support women.

“Trump isn’t going to get into the White House and say bye, bye women’s rights. Like I truly believe he’ll support women and advocate for them. So everyone who was voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman was crazy and something I never bought into. Like no thanks, not voting for someone just based on gender. In the end I voted for who I thought was best qualified and that person was DJT.”- Sari R., 23

My family is republican and so am I.

“All my friends are really liberal and so when I’m around them I just pretend I am too. The truth is, my family is super republican and conservative. It was never a question who I was voting for. I just put on a front at school so that my friends think I’m one of them. If they found out I was a Trump supporter or a Republican, they’d be more shocked by that than the news of who won last night’s election.” – Darcy M., 21

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