These Are the 10 Best Cities to Visit in 2017

Commence wanderlust.

Sure, there's plenty of time before we have to start making those new year's resolutions in earnest. But unlike losing a few pounds, working out more, and drinking less — here's something fun to look forward to 2017. So why not plan ahead? 

Lonely Planet is out with its Best in Travel guide for next year, and among the wanderlusty lists to pore over are the 10 best cities in the world you'll want to book for next year. Happy planning!

1.  Bordeaux, France

A new high-speed rail helps visitors experience the growing food scene in Bordeaux.

2.  Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town has an exciting art culture set against a gorgeous landscape.

3.  Los Angeles, California

Lonely Planet says the city is more accessible to locals and tourists alike than ever before.

4.  Merida, Mexico

This cultural and food capital on Mexico's Yucatan peninsula has tons to do nearby, including ancient ruins and cenotes — or sinkholes.

5.  Ohrid, Macedonia

Lonely Planet says, "Imminent development could change Macedonia’s ‘Jerusalem’ soon."

6.  Pistoia, Italy

Folks often skip this Tuscan town, but look out for it to become "Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2017."

7.  Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, an elevated highway will be transformed into the new Skygarden park.

8.  Lisbon, Portugal

Lonely Planet calls Lisbon underrated — and a huge bargain.

9.  Moscow, Russia

New museums and airport improvements mark the 100th anniversary of the revolution.

10.  Portland, Oregon

Lonely Planet says that in Portland you'll find, "the best view from the West Coast of the solar eclipse in August."

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