These Are the 5 Least-Visited Places in the World, and Here's Why

So much rarely seen natural beauty.

Each country keeps records on the number of foreign visitors who come for tourism. And needless to say, some places get a lot more love than others around the globe.

The five least-visited places in the world, based on stats from Garfors, may surprise you — because most of them are just so beautiful. You may even find the need to put one of the stunning islands among these destinations on your 2017 travel bucket list. After all, pros predict off-the-beaten-path travel is going to be one of the hottest trends of the year. Without further ado, the countdown to the world's least-traveled places:

5.  Marshall Islands

This place gets just 5,000 visitors a year! And it only takes a flight search to see why: United Airlines is the only way to get there and with a quick search, the best price we noted was is $2,700 for a roundtrip from NYC. But look at those views!

4.  Kiribati

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Around 4,700 tourists come here a year... and that number is so small mainly because awareness is so low. Flights do reach this country, made up of 33 atolls with amazing water. This place is for scuba divers and snorkel aficionados. It's about the same size of NYC when you combine the land mass.

3.  Tuvalu

Only 1,200 people come to this stunning island each year!? Once again, the biggest reason people don't come is it isn't easily accessible (unless you have your own sailboat). You have to fly Pacific Air via Fiji and that's pricey... most people just stay in Fiji, given its own unique beauty. This country is facing the same problem as the Maldives, and will be disappearing soon because of sea levels rising. That said, travel insiders Kate Middleton and Prince William recently paid a visit.

2.  Somalia

Here, there are very serious reasons why tourists don't come: There is a lack of government control, as well as concerns about extremist groups and general safety. It's actually the second most dangerous country in the world, after Afghanistan, according to India's Zee News. The UN and embassies from abroad are no longer functioning here, after pulling out years ago. The U.S. state department's most recent travel warning is sternly worded: "The U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Somalia because of continuous threats by the al-Qaida affiliated terrorist group, al-Shabaab. U.S. citizens should also be aware of the risks of kidnappings in all parts of Somalia, including Somaliland and Puntland. There is no U.S. embassy presence in Somalia."

1.  Nauru

This is the least-visited place on earth, with just 200 visitors a year, when the data was collected. It's also the smallest republic in the world (only 21 square kilometers). It's not only difficult to access, but it's very hard to get a visa. Once you get here, you won't find anything to do on the island: The fun is all in the coral-dotted water. Choose from one of just two hotels for your remote visit.

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