These Clinton and Trump Themed Snacks Are Much More Delicious Than the Presidential Race

Celebrate your love (or hate?) of the candidates with presidential pizzas, cookies and other unique treats.

This presidential race involves nasty drama and edge-of-the-seat tension no matter where you align, and that's probably why food has been a running theme throughout Decision 2016. Everyone loves food, right? From what the candidates are eating on the trail to what their secret guilty pleasures are—Trump binges on fast food and Clinton has an odd chili-pepper addiction—our obsession with momentous food-related questions might be just what we need to stay sane in this campaign season. So it was inevitable that the theme would eventually bring us here: Foods designed to look like the candidates. You know, just in case you can't get enough of their faces on every screen everywhere every day.

1.  Pizza for president

Giordano’s Famous Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza might finally settle the question of who is the cheesiest, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. You can order the signature pies featuring stenciled artwork of either candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump; both varieties are oozing with cheese, so you can decide for yourself.

2.  Mr. (Or Ms.) Potato

Remember Mr. Potato Head? At, the tribute to the retro toy takes a weird presidential turn: The company ships personalized (and edible) potatoes all over the world, and offers Clinton or Trump potatoes by request. But that's not all: They also offer a "Send Trump A Potato" and "Send Hillary A Potato" option, so you can ship the candidates a potato with a message on it (only positive messages are allowed) or a (pleasant!) drawing of your choice.

3.  Not-so-sweet desserts


A photo posted by Cupcake Market (@cupcakemarketnyc) on

Cupcake Market NYC is selling cookies hand-painted with the faces of both candidates. A fittingly scary snack for the next debate-watching party?

4.  Wigging out

IT’SUGAR has an exclusive Trump Lollipop shaped like Donald Trump's infamous 'do. The orange hairstyle is carrot-cake-flavored. That color? It's artificial.

5.  Let them eat cake

Or, well, doughnuts. Doughnut Time in Australia poked fun at Trump via a limited-edition glazed and PB&J-filled doughnut, topped with an impressive fairy-floss toupée.

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