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These Frisky Employees Hooked Up In the Office and Got Away With It

Some workers just like to get it on, you know, at their desk. 

At his first office job, Jason, 31, never thought the supply closest would be the setting for a late workday romp. "She was the pretty single blonde and I was the available guy," shares the handsome English transport now residing in Clifton, N.J.  "We had Friday afternoon drinks, got tipsy, went back to work and locked ourselves in for a major make out session."

Admitting that their hook-up was born out of pent-up flirting and office social expectations, it wasn't a long union. "We tried to date, it lasted two days," he says with a laugh. It seems that his hook-up buddy was already involved at the office, with another woman. "Ten years later, and they both still work in the same office," Jason says.

Wanda, 34, from Washington Heights already knew that working late hours in a medical setting often leads to hook-ups with a colleague--she had even married one. But she couldn't help but falling for a resident working near her office. "I thought he was cute, but we never connected." Until one night … on Tinder.

"We both swiped right, and he finally told me that he had been thinking I was the perfect girl all along." The relationship was hot and heavy for a month. "We got frisky in my office a couple of times. I can cross that off the bucket list." 

But things turned grim after that. "He got hot and cold. I think he was concerned what people in the hospital would think," Wanda theorizes.

Sameera Sullivan, CEO of Lasting Connections, Matchmaking for the Elite says this is something to consider before engaging in a workplace romance. 

"Get to know the person before you start dating them because if things don’t work out, you will be stuck working there with them, or may feel the need to look for another job," she says. Sameera also suggests keeping the acts of romance out the office, as getting caught could be embarrassing—and against H.R. rules.

Big no-nos in office romance include dating in a small office environment, and dating someone under you in the hierarchy chain.

"This is just wrong, and you can lose a pretty descent job for this," Sameera warns. "You can get in some deep trouble for dating someone under you -- especially if you are the boss!"

Sameera says the safest office romances are between people in different departments. "Lots of people who date each other work for a large corporation … you have less to worry about."

Which was the case for Wanda. It's been a year and her resident has come around. They are now happily moving forward with their relationship.

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