These Exes Found Each Other Cropped Out Of The Same Photo On Tinder

It's pretty funny. 

At least they both thought they looked good that night.

These two exes both used the same picture—and cropped each other out—for their Tinder profiles.

Brianna Boyce, 20, spotted her ex Adrian, 21, and recognized the other half of her shot. She snapped a screenshot and put it side-by-side with hers. She then posted the back together pic on Twitter, writing that the two were both still friends and there were “no hard feelings”.

Then tweet went viral, with more than 14,000 retweets, with Adrian leaving his own version of events in the comments.

“We broke up because you always lied and wanted your ex back (We’re not friends).”

Twitter users were quick to comment on the exchange.

“I’d swipe right for you! Left for him”

“Like shows his immaturity for feeling the need to respond rudely, personal stuff like that has no place”

“Aloe Vera cream needed for those third degree burns”

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