These Guys Cheated on Their Girlfriends and Now They Are Admitting Why

“Being in a relationship is hard," says one. Oh dear.

It’s hard to for anyone who has been cheated on to fully understand what would make their significant other have an urge to fraternize with someone else, especially when things seem to be going so well. Whether it’s a desire to see if the grass really is greener on the other side, which nowadays means scoping out options on a dating app, or a need to just have one last fling before putting a ring on it, everyone’s reasoning for smooching with a mistress is different.  

Check out what these four guys admit was the reason why they cheated on their girlfriends.

1.  I Was Feeling Low About Myself

“I felt like I was aging and things about my body and my looks were starting to go downhill. I have always been decent looking but now I was getting a gut and gray hair. I wasn’t happy with my career. I didn’t get the promotion I worked three years to get. Most of my close friends were divorced and living the single life again. I just wasn’t feeling great about myself. I went out for drinks one night with a friend and these girls started hitting on us. It was such a great feeling having someone new be interested in me. I took the bait and got her number. At the time, I was dating my girlfriend for three years and when I ended up cheating on her, I ended up realizing that I didn’t want to marry her, I didn’t want to marry anyone. I realized I just needed to spend time working on myself.” – Greg F., 35.

2.  I Needed Something New

“Being in a relationship is hard. It’s a lot of work. It’s constant fighting and arguments all the time over stupid little things. I was dating my girlfriend for a year and it just felt stale. I wanted something new. I ended up downloading a dating app and swiping through some options. That’s where I met someone and ended up kicking off a relationship with her on the side. I broke off with my old girlfriend after three months of cheating on her with the new one.” – Paul D., 33

3.  I Gave In To Temptation

“I blame my cheating ways on Facebook. It wasn’t even my fault that so many girls were messaging me and flirting with on there. I got a new message from a new girl, every month, asking if I was down to go out. What was I supposed to do? After about three months of that, I caved. I met up with one girl and hooked up with her. My girlfriend had no idea and she still doesn’t. I ended up deleting my Facebook so that I could stop giving in to temptation, and I haven’t since that one and only time.” – Stewart P., 29

4.  This Sealed the Deal on My Relationship

“It came time to either propose or break things off. I was dating my ex for four years and we were living together. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do. My gut was telling me to break things off. Things ended up escalating with a woman I worked with and we started seeing each other on the side. My ex caught us when she read my texts. I never regretted what I did. In a way, I had to do that so that I could realize I didn’t want to get married to her.” – James H., 38

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