Uh, These Parents Forgot Their Kid on an Airplane (and Weren't Real Worried About It)

To be discussed later on a therapist's couch.

Jet lag can make mush out of even sanest traveler's brain — and plenty of otherwise bizarre or unacceptable activities, such as mistakenly abandoning important things, might be explained under severe circumstances. But how about this one?

Two parents from China, who had disembarked from a China Southern Airlines flight at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, left something rather large, and rather precious behind: their 10-year-old daughter, who was discovered by crew members cleaning the plane for the next flight.

(By the way? They were only traveling a couple hours from Chengdu — so there goes the possible jet lag explanation.)

According to AirLive.com, the crew spent some time trying to wake the sleeping girl, and were eventually successful. They then asked her to call her folks, which she did; the dad told the crew that he thought the girl would simply follow them as they had their hands full with luggage.

Soooo..... yeah.

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