These Tech-Forward Travel Mugs Will Completely Change Your Morning Commute

It's time to upgrade your coffee cannister. 

Confession: There’s a cupboard in my kitchen that’s home to a travel mug graveyard. Over the years, between catastrophic leaks (R.I.P. trusty college backpack) and the false promise of hot coffee once I arrive to the office, I’ve had many a Monday morning foiled by faulty coffee mugs. I’m embarrassed to count how many of these lackluster travel carafes I’ve purchased in pursuit of an on-the-go morning pick-me-up only to discover their drawbacks in the thick of rush hour traffic or while jammed into a packed subway car. It’s led me to think: Between hoverboards and smart watches, how hasn’t modern man created a vessel that can get successfully get hot liquid from A to B?

On the quest to find the one, I’ve culled ten of the most techy travel mugs that promise to do just that and more. From futuristic portable espresso makers to tumblers that auto-seal between sips, here are 10 commute-approved mugs worth buzzing about. 


Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Coffee Thermos

Crafted from pro-grade stainless steel and an easy-grip powder coated exterior, this wide mouth thermos does its job: Keep your morning coffee hot and easy to carry, even through a hectic morning commute.



Bodum Travel French Press

Time saving and totally cool, this travel-friendly french press makes it super easy to brew and drink your morning cup from the subway, cab or car.


Sovaro Tumbler

Whether you’re a hot or cold brew drinker, Sovaro’s hefty (28 ounces to be exact) insulated stainless steel tumbler will make sure your drink is still warm or chilled by the time you get to the office. Plus, teeth whitening addicts rejoice: The press in lid comes equipped with a straw hole!


Sipp Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Quite possibly the chicest vessel on this list, Thermos’ on-trend rose gold mug combines style and function through vacuum insulation and unbreakable stainless steel... this isn’t your grandfather’s Thermos.

Primula Cold Brew To Go Bottle



My personal opinions on cold brew in the winter (who even ARE you??) do not outweigh the benefits of this cool carafe. The super-fine double layer stainless steel filter at its base makes it a breeze to brew your own iced coffee or tea on the go. What’s more, the borosilicate glass comes equipped with a neoprene carrying sleeve that allows you to sip your frosty coffee mitten free. Carry on, cold brewers.


Contigo Premium Pinnacle Travel Mug

Perhaps the coolest feature of this double-walled mug is your best defense against arriving to work only to find your top is flecked with your morning coffee: Its lid automatically seals between sips to prevent drips and spills. I’ll cheers to that.

Minipresso Travel Espresso Maker



I’m not going to lie, if I saw someone using this Jetson-era contraption on the subway, I don’t know if I’d take a stealthy snap (#wtf?) or ask to bum a doppio. Either way, there’s no denying the intrigue behind this portable espresso maker. Simply add hot water and your fave grounds for a dose of caffeine anywhere. Mondays don’t stand a chance.


Chantal Insulated Travel Mug

If you’ve ever been the victim of blindly picking up your coffee cup while in the midst of morning rush hour traffic, only to be shocked by the surprise of scalding hot coffee dripping down your chin, this is the mug for you. The lid features a no-spill silicon seal and a push button opening that allows you to drink from any side.


Luigi Bormioli Thermic Double Wall Travel Mug

From the Italian craftsman behind superluxe wares like bordeaux glasses and contemporary carafes, this travel mug is designed with both hot and cold drinks in mind. Double-walled glass keeps your hands protected from the heat of hot drinks and eliminates condensation from chilled ones, all while looking impossibly elegant. 

Zojirushi Vacuum Mug



If you’re like me, the ideal travel mug is one you can chuck in your bag without fear. This might be the one. Zojirushi’s compact, lightweight design features a vacuum sealed flip-open lid with a safety lock that virtually eliminates the possibility for leaks and spills.


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