These Wacky Fingernails Look Like Ice Cream...and Sushi...and Pizza

You might ask: Why paint your fingernails to look like food? The real question is, why not?

Fingernail art is cheaper and less permanent than a tattoo, so why not use it to express your fleeting thoughts and desires? Say, for instance, you're craving ice cream right about now—or a plate of assorted sushi, or a slice of pizza. The possibilities are endless. What's the best type of nail art for you? Check out these tips and get inspired.


Who wouldn't want to have a fresh platter of nigiri right at their fingertips?


It's hard to remember to eat your five fruits a day. Unless they're already on your hands. 


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Frozen treats are a popular nail motif, and pointy stiletto nails make the most perfect ice cream cones.


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Do try balancing an entire breakfast on your fingers, but don't forget to cover all the food groups.


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Milk, which always does a body good, becomes a real conversation piece with these digits. Why bother strengthening your nails with calcium?


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Quick-service tips help you indulge in all that gloriously greasy food, without the heart disease.


These magic fingers ought to make it hard to have a bad day. And hard to not buy yourself a slice of pizza every time you look at them.


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