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These Walks of Shame Are So Embarrassing You Could Cry

As if it's not bad enough finding your way home looking like a hot mess.

We've all seen some classic walks of shame. Disheveled, disoriented, usually drunk. Maybe you've even had one, or 20. The worst thing about the WoS is that there are no questions needed. We can draw from your appearance what happened last night. You went out with your friends, you hit some bars, you drank, you hooked up with someone, maybe a few someones. In the morning, one, or both of you probably had to muster all they had to rise from their cloud bed and get to work, and since you don't really know each other (besides whatever happened last night), you really need to leave. Hopefully they didn't look to frightening in the morning. But boy, you sure do. A shower is in order, get to a toothbrush immediately, need food, and definitely a long slumber. Those are the WoS thoughts. Plus, why does my head feel like someone is installing shelves in there? 

Courtesy of Whisper, here are some who have been shamed and lived to tell the tale. 

Hi dad.

The time I ran into my father on the street as he was buying bagels and I was getting out of my car at 9 AM in last night's dress.

Somebody missed work.

One shoe.  Lost my tights.  Lost my bra.  A guys shirt on (I don't know who's) And I was still drunk until 4pm the next day.

They prayed for this one's soul.

Had to walk home in tattered clothes, and on the way passed a group of nuns and a church. The look on their faces..... they knew.....

A gravestone is literally sleeping on concrete. 

Accidentally waking up in the cemetery and then having to go to work

Lesson here is, if you wear fishnets you're going to have a foursome.

After having a foursome I had to take the bus home. My heel snapped on the way home so trying to limp in fishnets. Worst morning ever

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