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These Women Wanted a Hot Summer Fling, So They Went and Found One

The heat causes people to do crazy things!

It's summertime. Time to kick back, grab a glass of chilled rosé and reflect on our craziest summer flings. 

From to bar hookups to Tinder meetups, we rounded up the wildest stories of how people heated things up when the weather got hot. 

Alyssa, 27, from Brooklyn, says that the summer of 2013 was her first summer semi-single.

“I was dating a guy named Terrence who was unsure about his feelings, and that was weird for me because I've always been the monogamous type,” she says.

“So the moment Kevin reached out to me on Instagram I knew that was my way out of that half-assed relationship. Kevin was 6'5 and played basketball at Norfolk State. He was originally from Queens and was probably one of the sexiest men I've ever seen in my life. He had gorgeous skin, rock hard abs and a great smile. I had never dated someone from social media, but I couldn't resist him. He planned to come to New York after his team played in the Bahamas and I was so nervous, but excited to see him. We Face-timed every night for a month until then. When he got to New York we met up and went to the movies, a week later he invited me to his place. When I got there we watched nothing but anime—it was his weird obsession—but he was hot so whatever. He began to kiss me, his lips were the softest. We had sex that night. Kevin and I hung out for the rest of the summer but he was going back to Virginia for school. We attempted to do the long distance thing for a week but chicks at his school flock towards him like birds and Terrence was not trying to keep me. He reached out about a few months ago trying to relive 2013, but I've been in a relationship for a year and a half. Still, it took all my might to tell him no."

Eve, 38, from New York, says her boyfriend had dumped her right before the summer, so she got herself back out there right away.

“Depressed and bored I joined a site called Cougared and came across a pic of a college baseball player in Massachusetts,” she says. “A few messages turned into late night phone calls lasting three to four hours. After a month, we decided to meet halfway in New Haven, Connecticut. Within minutes of meeting, we were making out in a restaurant parking lot while people loaded in and out of their cars parked next to his. We grabbed a drink at a local hotel, and I went to the women's bathroom, where I announced to the girl washing her hands next to me that I was behaving badly with a 21 year old. We retreated to a bathroom stall and proceeded to get in on.”

Willow, 34, from Washington Heights, says, "I quite enjoy house music" and was celebrating her birthday on the Gansevoort Hotel rooftop where this guy went for it and asked her number.

:He wasn't really my type, but we kept communicating. I kept turning down his invites, for about two years, but then decided what the hell, give it a go. He knew my appreciation for house music and had invited me to join him and his buddies to take a trip down to Miami to embrace World Music Conference. I was thrilled and instantly was involved in the thread of emails back and forth planning the trip with his friends.”

When Willow got to Miami, the guy was waiting in his hotel room with another girl. “I wasn't quite ready for a full out threesome and bolted,” she laughs.

Samantha, 44, from Columbia, S.C., says she had a hot summer fling with a guy 20 years her junior, and that she still thinks about it a few years later. 

“Well, my hottest summer fling was with an extraordinarily handsome early twenty-something. He worked with horse on a ranch,” she says. “He was handsome and had energy and enthusiasm. The first time we had sex, it was on the floor of a stable. He made me feel young again and I still smile when I think of him.”

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