This Airline Has Designated Child-Free Zones — And People Are Super Emotional About It

Where do you stand — or sit — on the topic?

A budget Indian airline called IndiGo has announced a child-free zone on flights. Children under 12 will simply not be allowed to sit anywhere with the area. The airline bills these sections as places for business-class travelers who need quiet to focus on work. But while some love this idea, others who like to fly business class with their children aren't as amused. 

In a statement reported in International Business Times, the airline asserted its position: "Creating quiet zones for passengers on board is an international practice, in both full-service and low-cost airlines — and IndiGo’s said policy is in line with the global practice.”

People took to Twitter to voice their opinions, using the hashtag #ChildFreeFlights

It's obviously a debate that churns powerful emotions among frequent fliers on both sides of the child-free aisle.

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