This Champagne Gun Turns Your Favorite Bottle of Booze Into a Super Soaker

Spray it, don't say it.

Move over, Super Soaker: The Champagne Gun is here. Now you can load your favorite magnum of sparkling wine into a sleek metal-and-plastic frame, and instantly transform it into a 10-pound pistol ready to fire out a fizzy, intoxicating spray.

If you aren't one to waste your booze, the gun can gently dispense the bubbles into a glass like a (mob) boss. And wait, there's more: The gun's handle can display the bottle as an attractive design piece for your party—way more original than an ice sculpture or a fruit plate.

Born in Miami (surprise), the Champagne Gun is starting to make its way around the city's nightclub scene; its creators told Miami New Times that this is the world's first alcohol-powered weapon. Tempted? The gun is available in gold (obviously), as well as rose gold and chrome, and it's available now for $459.

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