This Couple's Ring Bearer Was An Actual Real Life Bear

He's 300 pounds and wore a bow tie. 

This ring bearer was an actual bear. 

A bear loving couple from Moscow, Russia named Denis and Nelya, both 30, invited 300 lb. Stepan to play the role of ring bearer, and he even dressed for the occasion. The seven-foot brown bear, clad in a bow tie, posed for photos with the couple, and held their hands in his huge paws as they said their vows. 

Stephan is not too scary, having been adopted as a cub after he lost his mother in the woods and was adopted by another couple. 

Denis, borrowing the bear for the ceremony, admitted he was frightened, but everyone’s thrilled he didn’t get eaten on his big day.

“We both knew Stepan is a very kind bear but still it is a huge, unpredictable animal so we were a bit scared, but still happy to be able to make our dream come true,” he said. “It was a fantastic experience to have this photoshoot with Stepan. It is such a special feeling to hug a real, huge bear, and you cannot compare it to anything else. We will absolutely remember this day forever.”

Especially since the couple has picture proof Stepan was on his best behavior during the ceremony, captured by Russian photographer Olga Barantseva. 

Stepan was adopted by Russian couple Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko when he was three months old. Now he’s able to vote and drink at 23. The couple who adopted him treat him as a son, eating dinner with him and snuggling in front of the TV at night with him. Just don’t try to take the remote from him. He’ll bite your head off.

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