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Women Say This Is the Best Engagement Ring of All Time

So many choices, but one sparkler comes out on top.

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.

Wedding website The Knot did a survey asking 13,000 recently engaged or married people in the U.S. what type of engagement ring they preferred—and a diamond sparkler was still the number one rock. 

Most couples, 84%, chose a diamond, while 8% selected a different kind of stone.

The survey found that the most popular style was a clear, round-cut diamond, in the center of a white-gold ring, which is between 0.5 and 2 carats. Most couples also wanted side stones or accent stones. White gold was chosen as a cheaper alternative to platinum. The round cut was a modern choice, away from the princess cut from the 1970’s and the oval cuts of the 1980’s. The price of the number one ring varied greatly based on the jewelry store chosen and the size of the diamond, but the site found that the average person spends $5,978 on a ring.

The site also found that brides in the U.S. are increasingly are taking a role in choosing their ring, so they don’t get stuck with something they don’t want. The survey found that 51% of women led their husbands to be to look at styles they like, 36% showed their partner the exact ring they wanted. Dropping hints and hoping their guy picked up on the clue made up 11% of the women.

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