This Is the Most Dangerous Place in the World to Take a Selfie

It's the site of more than half of the world's selfie-induced deaths.

It's a dark topic, but there's a word you might want to know about: "killfie." Yes, that's the semi-official term for a death that has occurred during the act of taking a selfie. Maybe you've heard about some high-profile examples... but it actually happens more than you might think.

In fact, it's enough of a thing that scholars from Carnegie Mellon University actually conducted a study on the phenomenon, determining that about 127 people have died around the world while attempting to take selfies over the course of the last two and a half years.

And one country above all others accounts for the majority of those: India. The study found that 76 of such deaths happened in that country. While it's not exactly clear why, the study found that the significant majority — 87 percent — of the deaths were water related. 

The Indian government is aware of the glut of selfie taking, and of the risks involved. Accordingly, reports MashableMumbai police designated 16 places as "no-selfie" zones following two deaths.

Elsewhere around the world, nine people have died taking selfies in Pakistan, eight in the U.S., and six in Russia. 

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