This Is The Reason Why Donald Trump Never Takes Vacations

Such frivolities do not suit him.

You might think a guy like Donald Trump — who has a plane and palatial properties named after him all over the world — would be inclined to log some serious vacation time. But you'd be wrong.

Why, when you have all that money and resources, would someone skip out on fabulous holidays? Put simply, he's a workaholic, and he doesn't see any business value in vacations, according to a lengthy new report in the Boston Globe.

“It would bore and perhaps scare him. He needs constant activity and gratification,” Abe Wallach says in the report. He's the Trump Organization’s former executive vice president of acquisitions and finance, and has known the candidate for more than 25 years.

His campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, either declined to state or simply could not identify the last time he took a proper vacation. "He prefers to work," she told the Globe.

And this preference is not a focused campaign-related strategy either — it goes way back. See this tweet from 2012:

The Globe report also demonstrates Trump's uniform approach to vacations, not just for himself but across his staff: He's regularly interrupted employee vacations with work concerns... or even to nudge them to get back to their desks. As a result, many employees just learned to skip their vacations and collect their backpay for unspent vacation days when they left the company.

For all of his vacation aversion, Trump has made one recent high-profile and eyebrow-raising comment in support of the concept: If he loses his bid for the White House in November, he said he would set up for a “very, very nice, long vacation." We shall see.

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