This Man Is Very Upset That The Older Woman He Married Is Actually Aging

One man wishes his wife would age backwards.

One man who married an woman ten years older than him is upset that she’s not Benjamin Button and is aging forward. 

He’s taken to the internet to ask advice on his problem of being saddled with a wife who 10 years earlier, was younger. 

Jamie000 took to Mumsnet to say he was fed up with his wife, 48, and was blindsided when began mentioning things like retirement and menopause.

“We do have a very strong bond and we're pretty good parents to one daughter so we've stuck things out,” he wrote. “In between bad times we have had great times too as we've both made an effort to make things work, but now I feel we're at another crossroads. Our daughter is leaving school. To be clear, she is my step-daughter and I have been a good step-dad. The problem is my wife is older than me (48) and although this wasn't an issue 10 years ago, it sadly is now. 

“She talks about retirement, menopause, and things that I didn't expect to have to deal with for many years.” 

Jamie also realized he wants children of his own. 

“My peers are still getting married and starting families and I seem to have aged prematurely,' he explained. 'I feel like I should be thinking about kids and the future (my career is still growing) but my life is with someone who is planning retirement and slowing down at work.”

He’s also upset his grandma of a wife has been complaining that he loves sitting in the pub. 

“I think that is reasonable but she is lonely and wishes I took her out more. But when we do go out I really don't think we have that much in common anymore. I want to go but I don't know if that is just an escape route instead of knuckling down, or if I just need to put more effort in, as she would probably say. Also, I wonder if I am going through my own kind of mid-life blip as I keep thinking about 30 something women and having kids, which was never on my radar five years ago. I'm confused. I need a slap in the face and some thought provoking comments.”

But he didn’t exactly get what he was looking for. 

“So basically you chose to get into a relationship with an older woman, and now she's aged you want to trade her in for a younger model?” one commenter asked.  

Another wrote, “look I think you may know you won't get a very welcome reception from some on here for effectively "trading her in for a younger model. But at the same time you can't stay with someone who doesn't make you happy.”

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