This Place in Alabama Sells America's Unclaimed Luggage — And It's a Gold Mine

Diamonds, Rolexes, Versace off the runway... oh my!

Ever wonder where lost luggage actually ends up? Wonder no more.

Not only can we tell you where the lost luggage goes after it’s been left at the airport — but we can also tell you how you can dig into those bags (no matter if they never belonged to you) and find buried treasures contained within.

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While only 5 percent of domestic baggage goes unclaimed on the belt or gets lost by an airline, that percentage is even lower after the airlines try and hunt down the owners.

Eventually, that small number of remaining orphaned bags has to go somewhere, so the airlines sell them to the Unclaimed Baggage Center — which doesn’t get to look inside until after they purchase the luggage.

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Why isn’t this a reality show yet?

Once they get to the location in Scottsboro, Alabama — we'll wait while you go ahead and start searching how to get there — they are sorted and priced. Clothing is dry cleaned or washed, electronics are tested, and jewelry is cleaned and appraised. 

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They only keep the best items to sell, sending half of the items off to donation centers. 

The shop reports some of the craziest things they have found include a live rattlesnake, complete zebra skin, Versace gown straight from the runway, full suit of armor, and an ancient Egyptian burial mask dating back 4,000 years. 

But, we know what you really want to know: Has the place found expensive jewelry or money? Yes to both!

Jewelry finds include a 5.8-carat diamond, 40.9- carat emerald, and a platinum rolex worth more than $60,000. Seriously, who checks that in their luggage? 

And we might add that the store has an uber-compelling and well-curated Instagram feed to entice us all.

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Better than that, people have bought clothing and found later there was money sewn inside. One lucky guy bought a vase for $60 from the Scottsboro shop... to find out later it was worth $18,000. 

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Although most people haven’t heard of this place, it’s one of Alabama’s top tourist destinations and people come from all over to search for discount rates on forgotten belongings. The shop estimates more that 500,000 people shop here each year. 

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The store sprawls over 40,000 square feet. There’s also a Starbucks inside... because, as you can imagine, this shopping mission will take a while and you'll need fuel!

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