This Smug Dude Got a Free $21,000 First-Class Upgrade, And His Viral Vid Will Make You Drool

Vlogger Casey Neistat thoroughly enjoyed his in-flight shower, caviar, and movie theater.

When someone gets a cherry flight upgrade, you want to be happy for that person — especially if that person is yourself.

Now see how you feel about this guy, who scored one of the most coveted upgrades in the game, and then gloated about it in a heavily produced Internet video for his popular YouTube channel.

Well-known video blogger Casey Neistat got the $21,000-plus seat upgrade on Emirates Airlines between New York and Dubai. It put him in the palatial first-class cabin, where he filmed extravagant amenities such as gold-trimmed doors that close at the touch of a button to enclose a private space for him.

He also showed off such details as a toiletry kit that pops up from builtin cabinetry within his private space; his own mini bar; automated window shades for his multiple windows; an enormous touchscreen TV that he compares to a movie theater; and meals cooked to order, such as the artful plate of caviar he consumes. 

Later, he demonstrates how the flight attendant converts his seat to a bed he describes as more comfortable than the one at home. After a nap, he takes a private shower, which he calls "so, so awesome" and "a dream." No kidding, dude. 

Check out the full nine-minute video — and prepare to drool.

"It really does change your whole relationship with travel, when you take the most painful part of traveling and instead of that being a terrible experience," he says to close out the video, "he whole experience of traveling is so much more pleasurable."

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