A High School Kid's Mom Accidentally Packed This Scandalous Item in Her Lunchbox

If anyone could use a liquid lunch, it's a teenager.

It's tough being a teenager. Homework sucks, and the social drama never ends. If only school cafeterias served cocktails, just to help take the edge off a little. Oh, wait, cafeterias don't need to serve liquor, because some lucky teens' moms actually pack mood-altering substances right in their lunchboxes.

At least this 17-year-old Georgia teen's mother did. 

Turns out, McKenzie Strange's mom wasn't really sure what Four Loko was. But it sure seemed like a refreshing beverage that would round out her daughter's lunch. McKenzie texted her mother, wondering what she was thinking when she put the malt beverage in her lunchbox, then Tweeted her mom's confused reply.

Both mother and daughter have become "Twitter-famous" as a result, with McKenzie's query getting retweeted more than 91,000 times, and amassing 230,000-plus likes. 

As she told Buzzfeed: “I texted my mom about it and she couldn’t believe the mistake she made, she was half asleep when packing my lunch and thought it was a peace tea." The fruity, 12% ABV drink turned out to belong to the teen's 23-year-old brother. McKenzie hastens to add that she threw the drink out before she got to school. But she appreciates that her mom still packs her school lunch: “I’m just blessed to have a great mom that does lots for me."

Indeed, mom is getting props for her stellar lunch-packing job.

Although one Tweet recommended the family leave the U.S....

...and move to Russia.


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