If They Remade "Snowdogs" Starring Corgis, It Would Look Something Like This

That’s actually a pretty good idea. Any Disney execs listening?

The internet seems to have reached a general consensus that the Corgi is the very best dog. And what’s better than one Corgi? Three Corgis, of course-gi! That’s why you should probably be following @samcorgi. (Note: “Sam” means “three” in Korean, and the account follows Danbi, Hare, and Sasha.)

The Instagram is full of amazing tri-Corgi adventures, but what really captured our attention was this video: Danbi, Hare, and Sasha are basically recreating the 2002 classic film Snowdogs with an all-Corgi cast. In this “reimagining,” the sled dogs are Corgis. And the driver is also a Corgi. And because they’re all Corgis, they’re pretty bad at sledding. But hey, they’re way cuter than Cuba Gooding Jr.  

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