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Best Rescue Dog Dad Ever Gives His Tripod Pup a Drawn-On Fourth Leg Every Single Day

Cheers to this three-legged doggo!

Bradley the rescue dog was found after being hit by a car. His injuries were so severe that his front leg became paralyzed and eventually deteriorated, so doctors had no choice but to amputate. Although becoming a tripod is never easy for any four-legged friend, Bradley actually adapted rather quickly in the wake of his paralysis.

So when Charley Desrochers—who had also suffered a car accident and was looking to adopt a dog to help him heal—met Bradley, he felt a kinship.

“The best thing about him is how empathetic he is,” Desrocher told The Dodo. “He’s such a sweet dog and he knows when we are having our rough days.”

Soon after adopting Bradley, Desrochers and his girlfriend began an improvised routine of snapping pictures and drawing the three-legged dog a fourth limb each day. "The hand idea came because the voice we use when we pretend Bradley can talk is like a Mickey Mouse voice," Desrochers told The Dodo, "so we just started riffing on what his cartoon Disney arm would be doing."

Now, thanks to his dad's artistic abilities, Bradley can do even more than the average four-legged dog—in the family's imagination anyway.

You can follow Bradley on Instagram @mydogbradley.

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