April the Giraffe WHO? Sorry, But Tilly the Otter is the Ultimate Zoo Mom Now


We’ll be the first to admit we were a little surprised when April the giraffe took the world by storm last week. Sure, her birth was (literally) long-gestated, but now that the calf is here…what are we gonna fuss over? (Aside from paying $5 to name him Spotty McLongNeck, obviously.)

The answer: Tilly the North American river otter.

Okay, so she doesn’t have her own pregnancy cam—in fact, she gave birth to her son Tucker back in February—but she is just now teaching him how to swim, and it is the cutest, most fascinating thing we’ve seen since Spotty McLongNeck plopped to the ground.

As we learn in the video, baby river otters don’t just instinctively know how to swim, despite having the word “river” right there in their name. Nope, they need to go through a learning process by following in the paw-steps of their mommas. It’s truly amazing to watch Tilly take Tucker by the scruff and maneuver his little limbs—and teach her tiny pupper the ins and outs of otterdom.

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