Toast the Dog's Tutorial on How to How to Make Your Pupper Insta-Famous

1.  Give Yourself an Edge

My signature tongue actually has an interesting story behind it. I was rescued from a puppy mill, where I was kept in extremely poor conditions, breeding tons and tons of puppies. Without proper veterinary care, my teeth rotted out, causing my tongue to hang out of the side of my mouth! One of my main goals through my Instagram is to raise awareness for puppy mill rescue.

2.  Score the Right Invites

QWEEN T👑👑👑👑 partying at the @intel #NYFW 👑👑👑 #intel

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Fashion Week? Red Carpet Event? Paparazzi? Done. Get yourself photographed by the best and your stardom will ensue.

3.  Be Philanthropic

I got married last year (yay me!) and my wedding even made it onto an episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, but that's besides the point. A portion of the proceeds from my wedding with Zola and @friendsofinn went directly to the Humane Society of the United States. Adopt, don't shop!

4.  Surround Yourself with Other Models

But first, coffee @karliekloss

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Nothing is chicer than models being friends, so find yourself a model and get together to talk tricks of the trade, and snap a selfie or two.

5.  Get a Good Dogager

Obviously I don't have opposable thumbs, so someone's gotta post all my shots for me. Make sure your dogager is cute, cool, and knows about PR and marketing or you're basically screwed. Also, make sure they know that you take your coffee with extra almond milk.

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