Tokyo's Plan for Invisible Travel Is Blowing Our Minds

The future is here.

Regular old traveling is about to disappear right before our very eyes.

According to Newsweek, "invisible trains" should be rolling through Tokyo in just two years thanks to acclaimed architect Kazuyo Sejima, who has created a train with super-reflective surfaces.

Sejima’s shiny work is already on display as the designer of the Louvre Lens museum in France, a building that gracefully blends into its surroundings, and she said in a statement that she hopes her concept for the Red Arrow commuter train will similarly “gently co-exist” with the mountains, nature, and city skyscrapers that this train travels through.

Though not the first "invisible" vehicle to be created (the military, for one, is experimenting with it), this train could be a global breakthrough in the transportation industry — imagine the beautification of existing routes throughout the world should they become a pervasive choice.

And while your train might become invisible, you as the traveler still won't be — so you might still want to check your hair in the nearest super-reflective surface.

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