Tom Hanks Crashes Central Park Wedding Photos, Couple Is Thrilled

The actor was just walking by when he decided to have some fun.

Tom Hanks spotted a couple posing for their wedding portraits in Central Park and decided to jump in the pics. 

Elizabeth and Ryan look stunned to see the actor, then both smile, inviting him join in on their family photos.  “Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx,” Tom posted to his Twitter feed. 

The surprise made it to Reddit, where one commenter wrote: “A lot of the movie Forrest Gump was shot in and around Beaufort, SC (Vietnam, for instance, was Hunting Island, SC). My wife was stationed down there for a while, and there's a news article about when he first arrived hanging up in the Applebees (along with a bunch of other stuff from the movie). He was passing the church as the bride was about to go in, and snapped a photo with her.”

Another wrote: “I looked at the picture and thought it was the bride, her husband, and her father. Then I read the title. Then looked at the picture, no idea who it is, then read your comment, then HOLY S**T IS THAT TOM HANKS!”

“There is a reason why Tom Hanks is one of the most amazing best actor,” wrote another. “It’s not he looks like a model, or that is is a body builder or super rich or anything. It’s because he is so human and down to earth and nice. Is just like this regular guy, that doesn’t take himself or anything too seriously. Thats the impression I get from him. If there was one actor I could run into in everyday life, I surely wish it would be Tom Hanks.”

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