Which Top Chef Alum Would Eat Microwaved Canned Sausages for His Last Meal on Earth?

He'd wash it down with the king of beers.

Top Chef competitors are used to having the best of the best. They've eaten at some of the finest restaurants in the world, they have incredibly refined palates, and they can whip up a fancy four-course meal at the drop of a hat. So if they only had one final meal to enjoy on Earth, what would they choose to eat?

"Beijing hand-cut noodles with fermented pork ragu," said Top Chef Season 14 first runner-up Shirley Chung in an interview with The Feast, adding that she's eaten this dish her whole life. "It's my ultimate comfort food. And when I miss home or I'm feeling down, that's what I'm going for. So that has to be my final meal."

Shirley plans to open a restaurant with her husband later this year, a casual seafood spot called Steamers Co that's both healthy and homey. "I want to do #bowlofhug," she said in an earlier interview, explaining that her new venture will serve steamed seafood bowls.

Season 14 winner Brooke Williamson would also choose noodles as her last meal—with an Asian spin, much to Shirley's delight. "Asian food, it's always Asian food," Brooke declared. "A bowl of ramen and a plate of donuts. Ramen and donuts are my go-tos."

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Brooke recently opened her third restaurant, a Hawaiian fast-casual spot called Da Kikokiko that serves poke bowls with toppings like pickled ginger, edamame, and nori.

And it seems like everyone wants to satisfy an Asian craving at their last meal. Season 14's third place finisher Sheldon Simeon was very, very specific about what he'd want: "Vienna sausage from the can. Thirty-seven seconds in the microwave. Two drops of soy sauce. Big bowl of rice. And a Bud Light."

Tin Roof owner Sheldon couldn't contain his excitement about his final meal. "Wooohoo!" he hooted (not to be confused with Top Chef alum Carla Hall's "hootie hoo"). "Last one, right there! Going out on Vienna sausage!"

Clearly, it's all about the comfort food.

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