Which of These Crazy Flavor Combos Is Your Favorite?

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It seems like the food mashup trend is here to stay—but what about flavor mashups? Egg + peanut butter? Chocolate + avocado? We're always looking for the most delicious and creative flavor pairing imaginable, so we've teamed up with the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor campaign. But we need your help! Vote below for your favorite flavor combo; the winning flavor pairing will be featured in our first-ever LIVE Top Chef Quickfire Challenge, starring two of your favorite Top Chef cheftestants. 

Is spicy food your thing? Then you might like the combo of creamy peanut butter paired with the trendiest of condiments, Sriracha. If you think a dash of pepper makes everything better, sweet apples spiced up with black pepper might be your combo of choice. Love strong, pungent cheeses?  Blue cheese paired with honey is probably your jam. If you're all about farm-fresh flavors, blueberries plus corn could be the combo for you. And if you love truly bizarre flavor pairings, you'll be amped for the combination of rich, decadent foie gras and sugary cotton candy.

Voting ends Wednesday, March 1, so get your vote in while you still can! Remember, you're voting for the flavor combo you want to see two surprise Top Chef cheftestants cook with in our first-ever LIVE Top Chef Quickfire Challenge, streaming on Facebook and Bravotv.com on Thursday, March 2, at 8:35 p.m. ET (yep, that's right before the Top Chef season finale). And in addition to our star cheftestants, you'll also get a live dose of Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi: Padma will host the Quickfire and will be joined by Top Chef Masters alum Art Smith, who will judge the dishes. Find out if your favorite combo makes it to the end!

Have your own killer flavor idea? Submit your flavor at Lay's Do Us a Flavor and it could be worth $1 million.

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