The Trumps' New Budget Hotel Brand Won't Carry Their Famous Name (But it Does Nod to the President's Mantra)

This project isn't about luxury.

The Trump name carries many connotations, and not all are messages that translate to sales with the American people. At least one recent unscientific study showed that just about half of all Americans would stay in a hotel with Trump's name on it; the number of international citizens who would do so was much, much less.

Well, now the famous family is launching a new brand in the hospitality space, and it won't bear that recognizable name on the side of the building. Instead, the brand will be marketed as inclusive of three-star and budget-friendly properties, and will carry the name American Idea, according to Skift.

And if that sounds familiar, that's because it echoes the president's "America First" slogan, a staple on the campaign trail as well as in his inaugural address.

This marks a departure from the luxury brand Trump Hotels, or the more-recently launched brand known as Scion, which offers four-star accommodations.

The company announced the news yesterday at Trump Tower. A press release called the concept one that prizes "local history and neighborly service."

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