Two Women Fight In the Street For 8 Hours, Both Pass Out From Exhaustion

That's like a full work day!

Ever have a fight with someone that leaves you emotionally drained? How about physically?

Two women in Northwest China did the unthinkable. They both fainted from exhaustion after screaming and fighting in the street for eight hours. 

The ladies performed their full-shift battle without eating or drinking, according to The South China Morning Post, which caused them to run out of energy and collapse mid-fight. 

The two, who were not named, brawled on a street in Ankang, Shaanxi province. The argument started over who owed who money. After eight hours, it was still not resolved

The police were called and when they intervened they suggested the ladies settle the dispute in court, but the women continued to fight—for so long that they passed out. The cops returned to the scene eight hours later and found the women out of it. One was even foaming at the mouth. (Hello, Real Housewives of Ankang, Shaanxi anyone?)

Both women were sent to a local hospital, and were in stable condition. 

No word yet on if they scheduled a rematch. 

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