Tyga's Former Pet Tiger Maverick Is in the Center of Federal Charges for Wrangler

Exotic animals are nothing to play with, says the law.

If your rap name is Tyga, it's probably not a surprise that you'll want a real pet tiger once you make it big. And so it was for the ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, who acquired a Bengal tiger named Maverick back in 2014.


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Maverick was confiscated by California Wildlife authorities and placed in a tiger sanctuary in August 2015 after he was found confined to a dog shed at one of Tyga's friend's acquaintances' houses after the rapper reportedly gave him up in fear of getting caught for having Maverick illegally.

According to New York Daily News, Nicholas Lee Bishop, the Florida man who provided the tiger to Tyga is now facing federal charges for Maverick's illegal sale and transportation that could land him in prison for up to five years. Tyga has not been charged.

Consider it a cautionary tale to MCs like Tyga: Keep the roaring for the microphone. 

Credit: Getty Images; lionstigersandbears.org

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