We're Not Sure Why This Tyrannosaurus Hedgehog Video Doesn't Have 80 Billion Views

This should be the most viral video of all time.

Viral animal videos are tricky business. For optimal success, they need to have these key components: at least one unique element that the web hasn’t seen before, a curiosity of how the video came to be, meme-ability, brevity (preferably ~30 seconds), and extreme cuteness.

 With all of those elements considered, this 30 second video of a hedgehog crawling into a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex head and making it chomp before falling over (all set to a jaunty tune!) should—by all accounts—have 80 billion views. We have no idea why it is clocking a paltry ~2K, but we’re about to watch it 79 billion times so…

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