Someone Bought Donuts With Almost No Filling Inside, and the Internet Is Outraged

One donut shopper got much less than they bargained for.

We’ve all endured food outrages in our lives. Maybe you’ve opened a bag of chips to find only crumbs and air. Maybe you’ve tried to open up a milk carton and had it do that thing where it rips a little but doesn't quite open. Hell, maybe you’ve ordered a burger and received a patty that’s nothing more than a golf-ball sized meat disc. (We in the biz call that a classic “Where’s The Beef” scenario).

Well, a new and dastardly food crime has been committed, and it comes to us all the way from Australia (or more technically from Reddit).

User ghos5880 took to the subreddit r/Australia to share his pain, posting a photo of a tragic-looking donut along with the title:

“I’ve never felt so robbed. Woolworths nutella ‘filled’ donut.”

The proof is in the non-existent pudding.

For shame.

Not one to take things lightly, the Reddit community quickly rallied around the donut-deprived user, offering their sympathy…

…their suggestions,

…and of course their Nutella-based puns.

The victim, u/ghos5880, posted another picture of the packaging, which revealed that he had at least purchased the donuts on sale—though 30 cents seems like a paltry amount to spare for the pain and suffering he surely undertook.

While there’s no clear cause of why the donut was so tragically filling-free, it didn’t stop Reddit users from speculating wildly (because that is one of Reddit’s favorite hobbies, after all). Users offered everything from suggesting the supermarket was trying pull a fast one to 'it was probably just a 16-year-old kid filling them on his first day on the job."

Whatever the reason, the damage has already been done.

Dough-not expect it to be quickly forgotten.

Photos courtesy of u/ghos5880

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