Umm… That’s Not a Dog: Unexpected Animals Dressed as Santa

The holiday spirit has permeated the entire animal kingdom!

Yeah yeah, dogs dressed as Santa are the best thing about every holiday season, but we really feel like other species get the shaft. There are lizard Santas and pig Santas and chinchilla Santas and fish Santas (and even tarantula Santas [Ta-Santa-las?], although we didn’t include those—you’re welcome)! So here, we present you 12 unexpected Santanimals (that's a portmanteau for Santa animals, not Santana animals)—all to weirden up your Christmas.

This bearded dragon Santa.

A photo posted by Proulx Pets (@proulxpets) on

This chinchilla Santa.

This alpaca Santa.

This bunny Santa.

This lizard Santa.

This guinea pig Santa.

A photo posted by Mel McQ (@melmcq) on

These normal pig Santas.

This turtle Santa.

A photo posted by nettleguru (@nettle_guru) on

These penguin Santas.

This hedgehog Santa.

This bird Santa.

This fish Santa.

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