Oh Snap! Legging Drama Triggers Rich Twitter Responses From a Rival Airline — and Chrissy Teigen 


Oh it's on.

By now you've surely heard about the firestorm that erupted after leggings-wearing teens were forbidden from flying on a United flight. But to summarize, the girls were forbidden from wearing their choice of wardrobe because they were flying as "pass riders," on the airline's dime.

Well, while some would say that United bungled its social media response by vehemently defending its policy and pointing to draconian rules, another airline jumped in to capitalize on the moment:

Winky-face emoji and all!

Meanwhile, other high-profile Twitter accounts were piling on. Chrissy Teigen, with her always-wry take on pop culture moments, deadpanned this:

Maybe she'll make good on the threat slash promise — or maybe not — but we do know she's down with rocking leggings at the airport. Behold the visual evidence!

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