Vacation Like a Boss! 4 Travel Ideas Inspired by Actual Presidents of the U.S.

No intimacy-shattering security detail required.

Here at Jet Set, we've brought you ideas for traveling like rockstars, and like supermodels. But what about traveling like the most powerful people in the universe? (No, we're not still talking about Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid.) Here's how to vacation in the manner of a U.S. President. And we promise strict nonpartisanship here — with ideas from Ronald Reagan's ranch getaways to Barack Obama's island paradise jaunts.

1.  Obama's Hawaii

"You can't really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii," Michelle Obama once said of her husband's birth state where the family returns annually over the winter holidays, staying in an exclusive Kailua neighborhood on the eastern side of O'ahu. In the early days of his presidency, locals were thrilled to see the man grab a shave ice (don't call it "shaved!") at the humble Island Snow in Kailua. He returns so often that the shop has named the combination of flavors he always orders — lemon-lime, cherry, and passion-guava — the “Snowbama." Obama is also an active vacationer, having been spotted surfing on both O'ahu and Maui, and enjoys a few rounds of golf, notably at O'ahu's Olomana Golf Links and Kaneohe Klipper.

2.  Kennedy's Cape Cod

Was there ever a more glamorous presidential pair than JFK and Jackie? We think not, and you can get a taste of their glam travel life by following them up to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Though you might not be able to snag a bed at Kennedy Compound, their summer home, you can still make like the couple by renting a boat and taking to the water into Nantucket Sound. JFK was said to be especially fond of clam chowder and, naturally, restaurants serving up quality cups abound. History fans can also visit the Hyannis Armory, the very spot where John F. Kennedy accepted the 35th presidential nomination.

3.  Reagan's California

A man fond of sporting a cowboy hat, Ronald Reagan also loved to spend time at the sprawling Rancho del Cielo, his "Western White House," near Santa Barbara, California where the views stretch to both the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Valley. While you can't act out your cowboy fantasies on Reagan's former ranch, which is now owned by the conservative group Young America's Foundation and open for private tours only to supporters, there are several other snazzy dude ranches nearby. Also, plans are afoot to develop the Ronald Reagan Equestrian Campground on the property so stay tuned.

4.  Bush's Central Texas

We couldn't leave out the man who is said to have taken more vacations than any U.S. President in recent history — an impressive total of 879 days while in office, including 77 trips to his Texas ranch, Prairie Chapel, just outside Crawford. There he was often photographed clearing brush and challenging various foreign dignitaries to run or cycle in the blazing sunshine. Though the Bushes now live in Dallas, they are still fairly regularly home on the range at Prairie Chapel. Who could blame them? The surrounding area is home to big beautiful skies, glowing pastures, and a lush swimming hole at Tonkawa Falls.

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