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Amazing Vet Soothes Terrified Dog by Crooning Elvis’ “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”

*never swooned so hard in our lives* 

In the same way most humans don’t like going to the doctor, most pets don’t like going to the veterinarian. Even if you have the kindest, most caring vet in the world, it’s still a strange and uncomfortable office full of poking, prodding, and unfamiliar smells and sounds.

In the best case scenario, your pet just goes in for a quick check-up and is a little nervous. In the worst case scenario, your pet goes in for surgery and is downright terrified. Such is the case with this sweet dog named Ruby.

But Dr. Ross Henderson of Fox Hollow Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado had a solution to make Ruby feel more comfortable before going into surgery: The part-time musician brought out his guitar, sat down on the floor, and serenaded Ruby with the Elvis classic “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You.” (He uses this technique on a regular basis.)

Between the attractive veterinarian, the unbelievably sweet dog, and the velvety voice, this video is basically an aphrodisiac. We dare you to not fall in love!

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